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Constant Play & Pampered Pets

Pet Spa & Retreat offers your pups a full suite of services to keep them pampered while they are on their vacation away from home.  Whether it’s a precision groom or premium bath (with your choice of shampoo, condition and cologne), your dog will leave smelling so fresh and clean that it will be the envy of all of the dogs on the block.  And with our large outdoor play area and two indoor play rooms, we make sure all of our dogs have plenty of room to run around and enjoy their time with other four-legged friends.



Whether it’s just a face touch-up, a full body shave, or a scissored groom, we make your dogs look their very best, while taking special care to put them at ease during their grooming session.

Day Care

Whether you have an active dog that likes to play all day, or one that likes to just chill, we have several boarding packages to choose from, with special discounts for extended stays and multiple dogs.


With our indoor and outdoor play areas, your little pup will have the opportunity to spend the day with other furry friends and find their new BFF. 


Our luxurious bath includes your choice of shampoo and conditioner, a nail trim, ear cleaning, gland expression and a sanitary trim around the feet and potty area. 


Sometimes your dog needs just a nail trim, a flea bath or its teeth cleaned.  When the small job is needed, we have you covered.

Our Outdoor Space

Pet Spa & Retreat has plenty of space for your small dog to run, play, and socialize throughout the day.  The outdoor play area, recently installed with IntelliTurf, is maintained daily, providing for a clean and safe environment for your little pup to play in.




"Had two of my dogs groomed here recently and they did a great job. Their cut was exactly what we asked for and they did it all at a reasonable price and amount of time! Will definitely be coming back with them and our other dogs."

"Kind and 

Loving Staff"



Took my baby here for five days when we went to out of town. It was my Pumpkin's first time away from home so I was nervous and worried but it turn out great! Seems like he had a blast during his stay here. He smells super good! Highly recommend this place to anyone and definitely will take him back for day care, shampoo or boarding.

"The staff here is great! I have boarded my pups here and used their grooming services They are so friendly and completely put you at ease that your pets will be well taken care of while away."

Ruth F.

Chloe V.

Lisa A.



Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

7:30am - 6:30pm


8:00am - 6:00pm


2pm - 5pm

(drop off/pick up and bathing only)

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