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A Home Away

From Home

Going out of town for a day, a week, or even a month and want your pup to be feel at home away from home? At Pet Spa & Retreat, your dog will be cared for by one of our dog-loving staff and will enjoy days of playtime with other furry friends.

Discounts available for long-term stays and boarding of multiple dogs!

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Safe, Clean,

Happy Boarding

Safety of your pet is our highest priority and our outdoor play area has been designed with that purpose in mind.   We recognize that the majority of our boarding dogs are small dogs and that doggie parents probably don’t want their 8 lb. Yorkie in the same play area with a 100 lb. Husky. 


As such, we have the outdoor play area divided into two sections so that dogs that are small are kept separate from the larger dogs.  Also, when there is a new dog staying with us, our staff are careful to monitor its temperament to make sure it plays well with other dogs.

We do not accept Pit Bulls or Rottweilers for boarding. All boarding customers must have a signed boarding agreement on file with the business prior to us accepting the dog for overnight boarding. Thank you for understanding!

All dogs must be current on the following vaccines: Rabies, Bordetella, and DAPP.

Boarding Pricing

The price varies based on the size of the pup, and discounts are given for length of stay and number of dogs in one party.

Please note that boarding pricing is based on a 24-hour period with a 2-hour grace period.  If you will be dropping off in the AM on one day and picking up in the afternoon the following day, you will be charged for one additional night of boarding.

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Basic Boarding


  • One-hour Group Playtime

  • Potty Breaks

Half Day Play


  • Five-hour Group Playtime

  • Potty Breaks

All Day Play


  • Cageless During Hours of Operation

Totally Cageless


  • All Day Group Playtime

  • Cage-free Room At Night

Notes on "Totally Cageless" Options

*$75/night for two dogs, $95/night for three dogs

All dogs must be from the same family and get along well together.

Holiday Boarding

During peak holiday boarding periods (December 20th – January 4th, Thanksgiving week, July 4th Weekend, and Spring Break), our boarding kennels are limited to our grooming clients first, up until two weeks prior to the holiday period.  

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Boarding Specials

7+ Days of Consecutive Boarding

10% off


Need help getting your boarding quote?

Call Pet Spa & Retreat for a quick quote. Just be sure to know how many dogs in your party, their weight, and how long they stay will be. If you are a frequent business traveler who boards your dog(s) during the week on a frequent basis, please contact the store for a quote.


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Outdoor & Indoor Play Space

We understand that the weather doesn’t always want to cooperate, but good news! We also have two indoor play rooms that gives our boarding dogs the opportunity to play and let out their energy in an environment that is enjoyable, out of the rain and cold. 

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Pet Spa & Retreat Rewards Program

Get rewarded for being loyal! Earn points for every pre-tax dollar spent. Points can be redeemed for future services, including boarding, bathing and daycare. To start earning points, call Pet Spa & Retreat to set up your next appointment today!

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