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Your Pup

Your pup's grooming session includes a premium bath with choice of shampoo and conditioner, nail trim, anal gland express, and optional cologne and bow or bandana. Your pup will be plenty pampered and leave looking great! 

Pet Spa & Retreat - Dark Green

Pricing: How Big Are Your Pups?

All grooms include our premium bath, which come with your choice of shampoo, conditioner, and cologne (optional), nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland express, potty area shave, paw shave and bow or bandana.

Cherish Package Upgrade

Add nail filing and teeth brushing for only $10 more.

Pamper Package Upgrade

Add nail filing, teeth brushing, and premium shampoo & conditioner for only $15 more.

All dogs must be current on the following vaccines: Rabies, Bordetella, and DAPP. 


Small pup? Those are our specialty! If your dog is less than 30 lbs, he/she qualifies.



Not quite small, not quite large, your dog is the Goldilocks of sizes: between 31- 60 lbs.



Hefty pup? Not a problem. If your dog is between 61 - 80 lbs, he/she will fit in this category.



Whoa! Your pup is over 81 lbs and a thing to behold. But not to worry; we can handle them!


Pet Spa & Retreat - White Bubble.png
Pet Spa & Retreat - Green Bubble.png

Handling Fee of $10 may apply if your pet requires additional staff member to assist groomer.  

Dematting fee of $10 per 15 minutes may apply if your pet requires more than 10 minutes of dematting.

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